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Commercial and Industrial Flat Roof Repairs Cambridge

For choosing the right material for the flat roof your commercial or industrial building, it is necessary to assess and compare each material’s characteristics, lifespan, advantages, disadvantages and associated costs. This is crucial to making the right decision to last your roof a long time as per your budget and needs. In Cambridge, our skilled flat roofing professionals at NorthCan Roofing are available to inspect your current flat roof for existing problems, consult with you on how to fix them and advise you on flat roof replacements and new installations based on your requirements. Consult us for information on the various roof types and which option is best suited and beneficial for you.



Should My Flat Roof be Repaired or Replaced?

Is your flat roof too old, weathered and beyond repair? Then we recommend that you conduct a flat roof replacement. If the roof is too old or damaged, repairing might only fix some issues, only to have new problems arise soon afterward because of the general deterioration of the roofing system. Investing in a new flat roof can save you from the cost incurred by regular future repairs for a long time. Our expert advisers at NorthCan can do an inspection and assessment and guide you to the right course of action.


Which Roof Type Should You Select?

Each flat roofing material type has its pros and cons, associated costs, maintenance requirements, and lifespan. In Cambridge, we, at NorthCan, install several different flat roof types. Given below are some details about the options we offer:

  1. Single Ply PVC and TPO – Lightweight, highly durable, affordable option that can last anywhere from 30-50 years.
  2. Double Ply Modified Bitumen – Tear-resistance option that can endure extremes of temperature and lasting around 10 years.
  3. Four Ply Built-Up Roof (BUR) – A traditional roofing option that is sturdy, doesn’t damage easily and is low on maintenance.
  4. Single Ply EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) – A popular commercial roofing option that is flexible, durable and resistant; lasting 12-25 years.
  5. Metal Roofing – A more permanent, durable, economical and fire-resistant option that also helps lower Air-Conditioning costs.


        Flat Roof Inspections in Cambridge

        • If you need a flat roof inspection in Cambridge, our skilled professional will come to survey your building, whether it is an industrial warehouse, office space or commercial plaza. They are trained to check inside and outside for signs of damage to the roofing system. Damage to your roof is usually seen from within the building. Water rings, discolouration or cracks on the ceiling and/or walls show that there is a leak. The roof itself is then assessed, checking for broken seals, cracks or structural weakness. Another common pointer of a flat roofing problem is a damaged, shrunken, torn or water-saturated membrane. If these indicators are found in your building, then you must schedule a flat roof repair urgently.

          Beside flat roof inspection we offer the following services to Cambridge customers:

        Get a Commercial Flat Roofing Quote

        Do you have a roofing emergency? There’s no time to waste – call us right now! Our specialists in Cambridge are on stand-by to serve you 24/7, 365 days of the year. Whether it be emergency repairs, maintenance, repairs or installations, reach us via our emergency hotline at 416-456-0777. We are available, ready to help you as soon as you call.


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