Tips on Preparing a Previously Coated Roof

How to prepare a previously coated roof for repair

There are few things as hard to effectively repair than roofs that have been already coated once in their service life.

But while they do present difficult problems to overcome, they are still prime candidates for full restoration. Thanks to modern advances in roofing and coating technology, there are now multiple coatings and primers which can stick to almost any substrate or material. But there are other things to consider beside the adhesion potential of new coating products and systems.

What To Look Out For
If the existing coating hasn’t been properly applied (or has not adhered to the roof substrate), the new system you install may come off the roof along with the old coating. This is why it’s important to properly prepare a previously coated roof. Ensuring the existing coating has reliable adhesion (it actually sticks!) is critical to the application of a new system.

Testing For Adhesion
One consistent way to test for reliable adhesion is with aggressive pressure washing. Through the use of rotating nozzles and focused pressure washing, you can quickly discover what state the adhesive materials on your current roof are in. Pressure washing helps to show flaws that aren’t apparent or easy to spot during a general roof survey or inspection.

Older roofs, especially those who have been built using aluminum coatings, often do not stick very well to metal or flat roofs. By spending more time during on focused pressure washing, you can completely remove old materials from the roofing substrate. And if focused pressure washing can’t remove the materials, then you know the adhesive has caught and can be trusted to remain stable.

Regardless of the outcome, after pressure washing and removing older materials, you’ll be one step closer to applying a new coating system to your roof.

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