Superior Solutions For Commercial and Industrial Flat Roofs in Toronto

Repairing your flat roof in a timely fashion can significantly extend the lifespan of your roof and building. A high-quality repair with regular maintenance can result in many more years of service from your existing flat roof. We consistently provide businesses and property owners with high-quality flat roofing service including emergency and non-emergency repairs at competitive prices.

Avoid The Problems

Most of the problems arise because of the shortcuts taken by roof installers during the sealing process. Not following the proper procedures leads to gaps in the seals. These gaps allow rainwater to seep through the cracks and into the roofing system. When it happens repeatedly, it damages the membrane and insulation of the roof.

Once a leak occurs, it is only likely to become worse, that’s why we encourage our clients to seek professional help as soon as possible. This saves you money and keeps you safe.

Find The Right Solution

NorthCan Roofing handles all types of flat roof repairs regardless of whether they are minor fixes or major issues. Our experienced team is well-equipped with the expertise and the right tools to handle all types of flat roofing problems.

We strongly recommend that commercial and industrial establishments conduct regular roof inspections and maintenance of their flat roofs. However, some events such as storms and extreme winter weather can cause immense damage despite carrying out the best precautions and maintenance. While the weather causes these damages, its impact on the roofs can be worsened by poor workmanship during flat roof construction.

For NorthCan Roofing, customers are our #1 priority. Our clients are relieved by the fact that our emergency team is readily available for any assistance for handling both emergency and non-emergency repairs on flat roofs.

NorthCan stands apart from other roofing services in the area by consistently providing businesses and property owners with high-quality service. Call us today to find out more 416-456-0777.

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