Commercial & Industrial Flat Roof Siding and Flash Installation Toronto

Effective roof flashing and metal sidings can help protect your building while also improving its aesthetic.

We custom-make all of our flashings and siding panels to suit the contours, design and colours of your building. You can rest assured knowing that none of our fittings are pre-made. A member of our project management team will be in touch with you throughout the design and installation process.

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Flat Roof Siding and Flashing Installation


Parapets are a tried-and-trusted method for stabilizing your flat roof. Utilizing differences in air pressure along the roof’s edge, the parapet protects the roof from being blown away. We install parapets and parapet capping for commercial and industrial flat roofs. During the installation process, we ensure that the necessary foundation has been laid:

• The capping must be tilted slightly inwards and feature drip edges
• A waterproof membrane, such as PVC, will be used to prevent water leakage from joints
• Thermal stress caused by temperature fluctuations will be accounted for in the design. This includes installing a water control layer under the flashing, and having air/vapour/thermal control layers that connect the roof and building walls
• Parapet wall caps are positioned on top of parapet walls to prevent the leaks and water damage

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Why Choose NorthCan for Roof Flashing and Sliding

Flashings and sidings can provide that extra protection that will allow your roof and building to last as long as possible. Areas of your roof and walls, such as roof valleys, chimneys and skylight perimeters are at a higher risk for water damage. Flashings are one of the best ways of preventing leaks in these areas. Weatherproofing your roof is an important step, and maintaining and repairing your flashings will protect your entire structure.

Metal sidings are available in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, and can be customized for your needs. Corrugated sidings and smooth sidings are available to be positioned both horizontally and vertically depending on your architectural preferences. You can also customize whether you would like to have exposed or hidden fasteners. On top of this, we are experienced in installing stylistic sidings such as rusted steel, copper and modern materials.

Whether you are looking to install, renovate, repair or maintain your flashings and sidings, NorthCan is available to help you. Send us a message or give us a call for more details and to book a consultation.

High Quality Elegant Finishes

Flashings and sidings provide an opportunity to both protect and stylize the exterior of your building. This personal touch allows you to shield your building from the elements through systems such as metal edges, parapet wall caps and metal sidings.

• Versatile designs and materials
• Personalized fittings for your property
• Compliant with ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards
• Long-lasting protection against leaks and weather damage

Metal Siding Installations

Metal sidings are becoming an increasingly popular option for commercial and industrial property owners to revamp their property at minimal cost. In addition, the versatility of the design and the materials means that the variations are endlessly customizable. We install both horizontal and vertical panels for interior, insulated, concealed and exposed fastener wall liners. We offer corrugated steel siding, modern metal siding, rustic siding, rusted siding, copper siding, composite siding and more. Regardless of the aesthetic of your building, there are options available to give a new face to your commercial or industrial property.

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Commercial & Industrial Roofing Service Area

Are you in search of commercial roof repair or installation services in your vicinity? At North Can Roofing, we take pride in our broad service area coverage. Whether you’re considering roof repair or roof installation and are unsure about our presence in your location, rest assured, that we’re rapidly expanding.

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries about our service availability in your area, even if your city isn’t listed below. We’re eager to explore the possibility of extending our services to you. We may be closer to us than you realize!

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