Ensuring Safe Flat Roof Maintenance Services in Toronto by NorthCan Roofing

NorthCan Roofing, the flat roofing company that has been gaining the trust of businesses in Toronto as the most dependable brand in this domain, specializes in flat roofing maintenance services. Our commercial roofing experts have the manpower, the technology, and the expertise to put any kind of flat roofing back to its best shape in the quickest possible time.

Commercial establishments in Toronto can trust our flat roofing experience. Our experts are trained to detect the slightest of defects and potential problems and will help you make the best maintenance decisions. We know how to extend the lifespan of your roof by providing ongoing upkeep and comprehensive inspections.

We keep it easy for clients to make the right choice by offering them flat roofing maintenance packages that are customizable and fully flexible to meet their unique needs and budget constraints. This helps customers act fast and prevents a minor problem from escalating to a major roofing issue that can be difficult to fix and become an expensive affair too.

The winter maintenance package by NorthCan Roofing includes inspection of the flat roof for weather damage and removing snow/ice from drains, doors, and hatches. They also remove icicles and dangerous snow formations from rooftops. NorthCan Roofing has a spring and fall maintenance package that includes clearing drainage paths, removing newly sprouted vegetation, and sealing cracks.

The year-round maintenance is in great demand among commercial organizations in Toronto. Our company provides maintenance for roofing issues that may arise during any season.

The package includes sealing holes in the roof membrane, detecting areas in the roofing system that is getting exposed to moisture, inspecting skylights, HVAC units, walkways, ladders, and sealants, reviewing the workmanship on existing welding, ensuring that ballast and gravel have been distributed appropriately, and checking that flashings and membranes are properly adhered.

NorthCan Roofing is without doubt the preferred and most trusted name in flat roofing repairs and maintenance services in Toronto. Our company offers the entire spectrum of roofing services including 24/7 emergency inspection of roofs, full-scale maintenance, full roof replacements. The services are available 365 days of the year.

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