Why Metal Roofing Is The Best Choice for Toronto Businesses

There are many roofing options available but the demand for metal roofing is growing because of the many benefits it offers. That is why NorthCan Roofing experts are recommending metal roofing for commercial and industrial roofing needs.

Choosing a roof that is right for your building and business is a crucial step in ensuring secure roofing and preventing an emergency in the future. Metal roofing is highly recommended for its numerous benefits. It can last a lifetime if installed properly by expert hands.

Metal Roof Advantage

One of the biggest advantages of using metal roofing is its service life. The best quality metal roofing combined with the highest level of workmanship can ensure trouble-free roofing for anywhere from 50 to 70 years. Roofing systems made of other materials need replacement after 15-20 years in most cases.

Metal roofs are recommended for their ability to tolerate varying climatic and weather conditions. It can take in its stride the cold, snowy, and harsh winter or months of heavy spring rain. Ontario is known for its unpredictable elements, which can be harsh most of the time.

NorthCan Roofing understands the unique flat roof requirements of industrial and commercial buildings like no one else in the industry. That’s why our flat roofing services come with additional protective coatings, designed to extend the lifetime of metal roofing. It helps consumers avoid unexpected repairs and replacements.

Metal Roof Cost

The initial costs of installing a metal roof are very steep compared to other flat roofing materials and hence not ideal for those on a limited budget. However, even if you have to pay more in upfront costs, this roof will last double or even triple the lifespan of other flat roofs.


A major advantage of using a metal roof is that it does not allow the accumulation of snow and precipitation. This helps increase longevity and saves money as the need for emergency repairs is less or negligible. Metal roofing can also withstand fire and wind-resistant, making it an excellent investment for the long term.

Metal roofing materials are available in large panels, which makes installation quicker compared to individual shingles.

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