High Quality Commercial Flat Roofing Solutions

We are proud to deliver the best flat roof solutions for commercial buildings in Toronto. Our team has mastered all types of commercial flat roof repairs and maintenance works, regardless of its size. We are fully focused on maintaining high-quality standards while handling your flat roofing project.

When it comes to providing flat roofing solutions, experience counts. As a reputable flat roofing company in Toronto, we never let our customers down. With our unmatched speed and unrivaled expertise, we have built a solid reputation that makes us the preferred choice for commercial flat roofs.

For many years we have been providing superior roof repair solutions customized to meet the unique needs and challenges of individual clients. Our clients know they can expect the best roof solutions from NorthCan Roofing because of our deep industry experience.

Experienced Team

Our flat roofing team is fully equipped with the latest tools and resources needed to carry out the repair jobs swiftly and professionally. We are aware that time is a crucial factor, especially when we are called for repairs in the middle of a downpour or a storm.

Our service crew know how to identify the exact problem and provide the most effective solution. We make sure that the flat roofing materials used in every project come with a good warranty from the manufacturer.

When we get a call from a client, a member of the NorthCan Roofing service visits the site and spends time consulting with the client to understand their specific needs. Our company then creates a tailored plan that takes into account the needs, budget, location, size, and other aspects of the project.

Emergency Hotline

We also have an emergency hotline for providing 24 hours repairs service for all types of flat roof emergencies in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

We are confident of our team and know it can handle the most challenging roofing jobs expertly and with ease. That confidence is the reason why we offer workmanship guarantees of up to 10 years on all our flat roofing installation projects.

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