What is the Best Material for My Flat Roof Replacement?

If your flat roof seems to be at the end of its life, it may be time to replace it. The repair costs for an old flat roof will quickly add up, and the repairs may not sufficiently protect your building. Instead you may be better off replacing the entire flat roof. When replacing your commercial or industrial flat roof there are a variety of material options. Your choice depends on your budget, local environment and personal preferences.

Here are the top 5 choices for replacing your flat roof, in no particular order:

  • Metal

A metal roof is durable and long-lasting, comfortably surviving over three decades. Aluminum roofs provide the additional benefit of being fireproof and non-combustible. Metal roofs also help reduce air-conditioning energy usage during the summer by reflecting heat away from the building.

  • Single Ply EPDM

One of the most common flat roofing types, single ply EPDM is a reliable choice that requires only the minimum maintenance upkeep. It is very affordable, while the rubber base is flexible, durable and quick to install. However, a detail-oriented installation process is necessary to prevent leaks and weather damages.

  • Double Ply Modified Bitumen

A hardy and cost-effective option, double ply modified bitumen is a long-lasting solution. You can expect your roof to last between 10-20 years, largely depending on the quality of the initial fitting. Overall, the double ply provides for added durability and stability.

  • Four Ply BUR

Four Ply BUR is a heavy yet inexpensive and fire-retardant option for your flat roof. The sheets of ply are covered in heated asphalt and layered. The thick layering means that your roof will likely stand strong for 15-20 years, but it also means that your building structure must be strong enough to hold the weight of all the layers.

  • Single Ply PVC and TPO

This hybrid system is a recommended option for combating water damage, increasing energy efficiency and improving longevity. The lightweight material can be installed quickly, but the process can be labour-intensive. Overall, this flat roof type will provide you with the most robust flat roof, lasting you up to 50 years.

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