Should You Restore Your Commercial/Industrial Flat Roof?

Your flat roof usually does a great job of protecting you and your building. But sometimes there can be issues such as leaks and water damage. There could be a whole host of reasons for these problems, but usually they boil down to a few common issues: insufficient maintenance, unexpectedly harsh weather, or poorly executed initial installations. While it may sometimes be the best option to replace your roof entirely, this may not always be the case.

Consider these three benefits to repairing your roof:

  • The Cost

If an inspection reveals that the damage is being caused by particular localized spots, it may very well be cheaper to restore than to replace. If you were proactive and were able to catch the problems early on, then the likelihood of successfully repairing the roof is high. Repairing your roof is affordable because the costs of labour and parts will be lower.

  • The Time

Your flat roof covers your entire building, and entirely replacing it will take time. Instead, choosing to repair the damaged area of your flat roof will be much quicker and will allow for business to continue as usual on your property. While you will need to replace your flat roof one day, a high-quality restoration will keep your building safe until you eventually decide to install a new flat roof.

  • The Peace of Mind

Even if your flat roof issue seems minor, we recommend that you get it repaired. The problem is not going to disappear on its own, and a repair will help preserve your flat roof until its maximum lifespan. You prevent the problem from getting out of hand, ultimately reducing your costs, stress and environmental footprint.

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