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Emergency Roof Repairs

NorthCan Roofing is here for you 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Call our Emergency Hotline at 416-450-1818

We provide dependable, fast and around-the-clock service for any flat roofing emergencies on commercial and industrial buildings.

When your roof needs immediate attention, you can depend on NorthCan to be there in your moment of need. We will dispatch a team of experts and technicians to evaluate and repair your team as soon as you give us a call. Whether your roof has been damaged by a spell of severe weather or you have suddenly noticed a major leak, we can provide you with professional advice and quality workmanship.

Unexpected damage is the most common reason we get emergency calls. Many property owners don’t realize that their roof is weakening over time, until it’s too late. Small issues such as minor cracks, damaged seals and leftover plant debris can cause a healthy roof to rapidly deteriorate. The winter storm that causes the roof to leak is just the last piece that’s pulled out in the Jenga tower.



    In case of emergency we will be available to provide you with high-quality flat roof leak repairs. We strive to deliver the most reliable and friendly repair service, during a stressful and demanding experience.

    24/7 Emergency Assistance

    We recommend that you seek help as soon as you identify any urgent issues with your flat roof. Don’t wait until your roof has reached a critical state! Leaving it too late can make it much harder and more costly to fix. Importantly, roofing hazards will make the building unsafe for its users.

    At NorthCan we offer comprehensive emergency assistance, including over-the-phone support, 24/7 365 on-calls for repairs and expert technical service. We know that emergencies are a nightmare, that’s why we make sure that our prices aren’t. With clear upfront prices and affordable rates, we are your top choice for any flat roofing emergency.

    Comprehensive Service

    It’s always better to prevent an emergency than to repair the damage. But sometimes accidents happen, and you need to take immediate action. NorthCan is here to help you.

    • 24/7 emergency hotline, 365 days of the year
    • Over-the-phone emergency support and guidance
    • Professional team of technicians
    • High quality workmanship, no matter the hour
    • Maintenance and repairs for emergency prevention

    Over the last 30 years, our team have responded to hundreds of emergencies across Ontario. Our experience has taught us that a majority of emergencies could have been prevented by following some easy steps:

    1) Schedule regular inspections to pinpoint any problematic areas and materials.
    2) If any minor issues are discovered during inspections, act as soon as possible. The problem won’t go away magically, and repairing it later on will only be more expensive.
    3) Follow a basic maintenance schedule that involves at minimum removing snow and fallen debris during all seasons.
    4) When you notice a significant leak or crack, call a professional immediately. Those crucial moments of waiting can make a big difference for saving your roof!

    You can reach us at any time by dialing 416-450-1818 for any flat roofing emergencies on your commercial or industrial property.