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Flat Roof Repairs Woodbridge

Commercial Flat Roofer in Woodbridge

Flat roofing projects certainly are an important investment, whether it be replacements or brand-new installations. You will want to be sure that you get the most bang for your buck in terms of quality and robustness. With large projects such as industrial and commercial flat roofing ones, there is no room for doubt, and you need a reliable flat roofing contractor to do the job right the first time. This is where NorthCan Roofing steps in.

NorthCan Roofing is a highly professional company with 3 decades of experience tending to flat roofing needs in Ontario. We are proud of our skilled professionals, our high-quality materials and our commitment to outstanding customer service and experience. Businesses in Woodbridge can bank on NorthCan for dependable flat roofing solutions throughout the year.

NorthCan Roofing has years of experience behind it, building expertise in flat roofing solutions with high-quality materials and competent workers. Get in touch with us today and our skilled professionals will take care of any flat roofing issues you are facing.



    How We Take Care of your Flat Roof

    Fixing The Problem

    If there are problems in your flat roof, then repairs will be necessary, and sometimes in extreme cases, when the roof is old or has been poorly maintained, it may be necessary to perform a complete replacement. No matter what the case, we will have a foolproof plan to get your flat roof functional once again.

    Flat Roof Inspection

    If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait any longer, we are there for you right away. If you fear there is a problem with your flat roof but are not sure, we will start with an inspection. Our team will give your flat roof an exhaustive and systematic weakness assessment; we will check the membrane for tears, cracks, pooling water, blocked gutters and any other roofing issue that can potentially cause long-term damage. Post the assessment, you will get a detailed report and have a consultation on the best course forward.

    Preventing Future Issues

    If the inspection shows that everything is currently in good condition, our recommendation might be just to perform maintenance servicing. Nevertheless, this cannot be taken lightly. Proper maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of the roof and save you lots of money and headache which may be caused by emergency repairs. It is necessary to do seasonal flat roof cleaning and clearing of snow, ice, leaves, and debris; this can prevent damage to the roof system, drain blockages and leaks.

    How NorthCan Roofing can Help you

    We are specialists in flat roofing for commercial and industrial buildings; it has been our focus from the very beginning. We have mastered the art of flat roofing, whether it be emergency repairs, flat roof inspections, assessments, repairs, replacement or installations. And if you have an emergency with your flat roof, there is no need to fear. Our emergency hotline is available 24/7, every day of the year and our team of experts will take care of your problem immediately. Speak to us in person at 416-456-0777 or put in a request through our quote inquiry form. Either way, you will get a quick quote and it is free for you!