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Businesses with commercial and industrial buildings in Oshawa can depend upon NorthCan Roofing for all their flat roofing needs. We do everything from inspections to maintenance, repairs to replacements and new installations! We service buildings such as warehouses, retail plazas, and offices. With over 30 years of experience, we have built up a reputation of a flat roofing contractor that exceeds expectations every time! This is possible because of our expert team of professionals, expertise in our work and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We miss no beat when it comes to your flat roof!

Over the last 3 decades, we have a track record of being a credible and reliable flat roofing contractor because of our commitment to excellence in our craft. Our team of professionals specially trained to not only complete each project in the best way but also provide each client with the best experience. The fact that our customers keep coming back to us for all their flat roofing needs speaks for itself!



Scarborough Commercial Flat Roofing Services

We specialize in flat roofing, which means that we know all the ins and outs of the trade. Ask us for any service when it comes to industrial or commercial flat roofing – we do it all! Whether it be emergency repairs or brand-new flat roof installations, you would be hard-pressed to find any contractor more competent than us.

  • Emergency Repairs – Do you have an emergency related to your flat roof in Oshawa? Come rain or shine, our emergency hotline is available to service your problems, 24/7 any day of the year. For problems such as leaks after severe weather, don’t hesitate to call us.
  • Flat Roof Maintenance – We provide flat roof maintenance services throughout the year including check-ups for businesses with industrial or commercial buildings. By scheduling a check-up by our flat roof expert, you can catch damage early on and get it fixed before it is too late.
  • Flat Roof Replacement – For flat roofs that are beyond repair or were installed incorrectly, we recommend that our NorthCan team do a flat roof replacement.
  • Flat Roof Installation – If you need a new flat roof installed, NorthCan is the answer to ensure that it lasts long, with minimal expenses and maintenance over its lifespan.

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           We offer various services for commercial and industrial flat roofing properties. We pride ourselves on our reliable and affordable approach. Reach out today to get us on your property, we will improve your businesses quality of life.

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