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Here at NorthCan Roofing, we are honoured to offer the best services and materials for all your flat roof installations, replacements, inspections, assessment, repairs, maintenance needs. We are a Canadian contractor based in Ontario that specializes in industrial and commercial flat roofing. No matter what the season is, you can bank on us to give you the right solution for your flat roofing needs, everything from emergency repairs to long-term and large-scale projects. Our mission is to protect your roof, your building and your customers with our high-quality materials, expert professionals and flawless service.



What Makes NorthCan Stand A Cut Above

Not only do we provide 24/7, 365 services, NorthCan is also committed to ensuring the best experience for our customers. We have a large and varied team of professionals that have expertise in all areas of flat roofing maintenance, repair, and installation work. Our 30 years of customer-centric work has the reputation of being detailed, hardy and up to date on modern techniques and materials. We can offer customized project plans, tailored to your unique needs and budgets while at the same time, ensuring quality work output and durable materials and products.

We are fully licensed and covered by liability and workers’ insurances and operate as per the Building Code of Ontario and all our Ontario Safety Regulations. To top it all, we assure your peace of mind by offering a warranty of up to 10 years on all our labour and materials.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat roofs are unique whether it comes to constructing them or repairs. Your building’s flat roof will need regular attention and care, no matter whether yours is an office building, retail establishment or a warehouse. The most frequently occurring signs of damage are:

  • Water rings, cracks, and discolouration of the walls
  • Cracks, broken seals, and structural weaknesses in the roof
  • A damaged, shrunken, torn or water-saturated membrane

If your flat roof already shows any of these signs, it may already be in the late stages and you need to schedule an inspection and repair immediately. The best way to prevent such emergencies is to have regularly scheduled roof inspections and maintenance. Flat roofing emergencies are, first, highly stressful; second, risking the safety of the tenants

                  Flat Roof Emergencies

                  At NorthCan Roofing, we recognize that sometimes accidents and emergencies do happen. That is why you can count us to be available around the clock, 365 days of the year. Our 24/7 service is speedy and effective at taking care of all sorts of flat roofing emergencies. New Tecumseh can rely on us for your flat roofing emergencies, whatever be the cause – internal structural issues or a storm leading to a tree branch.

                  We do the following flat roofing services in New Tecumseh:


                  Commercial Flat Roofing Quote for New Tecumseh

                  Fill out our quote inquiry form or call us today to get a quote of anything from minor repairs to a new flat roof project. Talk to our roofing expert at 416-456-0777. Are you having a roofing emergency? Call us now to get immediate assistance. Don’t wait till it is too late! Entrust your roof into our experienced hands.

                  NorthCan Roofing Services Across All Cities

                   We offer various services for commercial and industrial flat roofing properties. We pride ourselves on our reliable and affordable approach. Reach out today to get us on your property, we will improve your businesses quality of life.

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