Efficient Drainage System For Commercial Roofs

Adding an efficient drainage system for commercial roofing can take care of the usual problem of water accumulation and poor run-off. A common problem faced by many buildings is poor drainage which leads to pooling of water and potentially increases the chances of roof leaks. By installing a proper drainage system, you can avoid frequent roof repairs and the need to replace your roof before its time is due. It is a simple way of making your flat roofing more efficient and save money.

Unlike sloped roofs, flat roofs do not have a downward slope and hence the accumulated water does not flow down naturally with gravity. That’s why investing in a good drainage system is a good move.

Effective Drainage Systems

The best option is the scupper or the edge drain. It is a square or circular hole that is cut and fixed on the side of the flat roof. It has a downward spout or gutter to direct the water to the ground.

The scuppers must be installed in an area that can be reached easily for maintenance and cleaning tasks. Choosing the right size of the scupper is also important. It should be large enough to allow the drain debris to flow through without getting clogged. Installing the scupper at the place on the roof where water already naturally accumulates is the best way to optimize its utility.

We recommend adding the fitting of interior drains to boost the life of flat roofing systems. It works by diverting the water that collects on the outside of the flat roof to a central point. From there, it enters a piping system under the roof for drainage.

As the pipes are not installed on top of the roof, they are well protected from the elements and hence do not get damaged fast. This type of drainage system is more flexible as it need not be fixed at a specific point on the roofing. It also protects the building from damage as the excess water is directed inwards.

Our experts recommend pairing the interior drain with scuppers for better results as the arrangement can increase the roof’s capacity to drain water. This can help avoid and prevent emergency roof repair or replacement situations.

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